TVLT - The valiant little Tailor - in German "Das tapfere kleine Schneiderlein" is a company of Storz Mediaholding GmbH.
The valiant little tailor is an inspiring fairy tale character whose qualities and ingenuity lead to the right solutions and successes yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Network Projects

The fairy tale of the valiant little tailor begins with "seven at one blow". "Let the whole town know", the little tailor thinks about his heroic deed of catching seven flies at once. TVLT does not hunt mayflies, but can solve several problems at once. That's why our network has given rise to start-up projects, which we will crown with a successful outcome. All projects offer solutions for the relevant questions of the present and the future by combining the knowledge and achievements of the past with the means and possibilities of the future.

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A look into our future with Andreas Brandhorst

In January 2020, TVLT signed a cooperation agreement with the internationally renowned science fiction author Andreas Brandhorst: "I am not only interested in the distant future, but also in […]

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