Ein Blick in unsere Zukunft mit Andreas Brandhorst
29. February 2020
Storz Media Holding founded
2. March 2020

In January 2020, TVLT entered into a cooperation with the internationally renowned science fiction author Andreas Brandhorst: “I am not only interested in the far, but also the near future, the world in which we will live tomorrow. In October 2017 my novel “The Awakening” was published, a thriller about the red-hot topic of artificial intelligence, which Stephen Hawking warned of in December 2014: “The development of real artificial intelligence could mean the end of mankind”. One year later, in October 2018, my next big thriller, “Eternal Life”, also on a hot topic: modern genetic engineering, was published. In August 2019, Piper released “The Whisper”, a thriller about an autistic boy. In October 2020 I will present the sequel to “The Awakening”: “The Escalation”. An interview with Andreas Brandhorst about this and the future of education through artificial intelligence will be published shortly.


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