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2. March 2020
New trailer Showgoon
2. March 2020

“Only strong together” – At the Munich Security Conference, Federal President Steinmeier is promoting a stronger Europe:

“Many Germans today are looking at international politics with irritation, concern and anxiety. We would like to think that if only everyone were sensible and like us Germans, then everything would be fine. But that is too simple. Germany is also being put to the test during this period.

Shortly after the European elections in May 2019, Storz Medienfabrik GmbH launched the mobile digital campaign “You are Europe” in cooperation with the Bundesverband des Deutschen Mittelstands. The campaign has grown into a network partner project of TVLT Consulting in the past few weeks. Celebrities such as the former national soccer player Arne Friedrich and the internationally known top model Zohre Esmaeli are already ambassadors of the campaign, which is scheduled to start in autumn 2020.

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