E-sport is by far not just tech and computing, soulless idling or unimaginative nerd culture.


USPs from Showgoon

  • Automation of the transmission process
  • Allows display of several players
  • Parallel streaming and Competitive Gaming
  • AI-supported social media
  • Synchronization of the sources
  • Centralization of control and communication
  • Showgoon - The innovative e-sport tool


Competing with computer games - what was long the nightmare of parents and teachers, but also of doctors and politicians, is now a socially accepted billion-dollar business. But e-sports is far from being just tech and computing, soulless idling or unimaginative nerd culture. Playing together has become a socially relevant phenomenon that puts topics such as cohesion, politics, religion and society in a whole new light. What speaks for competitive gaming is accessibility. Football, skiing, ice hockey or tennis training can swallow up hundreds of euros a year. To enter the world of e-sports, you need a gaming device plus Internet connection.

Sumail Hassan, for example, is the best example of inclusion in e-sports. The 16-year-old grew up in Pakistan and was able to escape his own poor circumstances thanks to Dota 2. To date, Hassan has earned more than 3.3 million dollars. Worldwide, communities are emerging that pursue a common interest across all borders. TVLT has therefore started to establish a think tank on this topic: Companies, foundations, politicians, athletes and e-sports experts want to get to the bottom of the phenomenon together and work out solutions for the future.