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The brains behind it
With the founding of TVLT and Storz Media Holding, we have sensibly bundled our expertise in technology, media presentation and content storytelling.

Storz Holding

The brains behind it

We know and take to heart the ten building blocks for a good team: commitment, competence, responsibility, integrity, respect, trust, leadership, courage, service, and humility. We combine experience with scientific knowledge.

Bernhard Storz
Founder CEO and powerful King

After his studies at the Media University in Stuttgart, Bernhard Storz, a graduate engineer, took over the Jankowski Sound Studio in 1986, which is still operating successfully in the fields of advertising, film dubbing and music production today. In 1995 he founded Storz Interaktive Medien GmbH as a production studio for CD-i and DVD. This developed into an owner-managed full-service agency with around 20 permanent employees. 1998 Storz e-Advertising GmbH was founded. In 2000 the companies moved under one roof into an old baking factory in Esslingen and were renamed Jankowski Soundfabrik GmbH, Storz Medienfabrik GmbH and Storz Eventfabrik GmbH. After many technical lectures on various marketing topics, the entrepreneur started his career as a speaker in 2014.

Tina Türk
Co-Founder and little witch

After her studies at the Media University in Stuttgart in the diploma course Audiovisual Media, Tina Türk graduated in 2008. During her studies she already worked as an assistant to the recording director at SWR Südwestrundfunk in the areas of sports, news and crime scene. Subsequently, Tina Türk started working as a project manager at Storz Medienfabrik GmbH in 2008 and is responsible for the overall conception. Here she successfully supervised the projects Startup Autobahn, Plug&Play, ARENA 2036 and the University of Stuttgart. In 2018 Tina Türk was appointed to the management of Storz Medienfabrik. In 2019 she became co-founder of Storz Media Holding GmbH and TVLT-Consulting and is responsible for project management, coordination and acquisition.

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Breuer
Wise Ducat Counter

Hans-Jürgen Breuer studied economics in Freiburg im Breisgau and received his doctorate in 1981 on the monetary policy topic "The open market policy of the Deutsche Bundesbank". He then worked in leading positions at banks. Breuer also worked from 1978 to 1981 for the Institute for Savings, Giro and Banking at the University of Freiburg under the direction of Werner Ehrlicher and was involved in teaching, research and consulting. His dissertation resulted from one of his research projects. Since 1990 he has been working as a personnel consultant and coach, since 1993 with his own company. After training as a "systemic hypnotherapist" at the Milton Erickson Institute in Cologne (2004), he now works mainly as a coach for executives and writes reference books and crime novels.

Andreas Brandhorst
Clever Clairvoyant

Andreas Brandhorst is a German writer and is one of the most successful authors of our time with thrillers such as »Das Awakening«, »Sleepless« and »Das Bitcoin-Komplott« and science fiction novels such as »Das Schiff« and »Omni«. Spectacular visions of the future are his trademark. He received numerous literary prizes for his work. He also worked as a translator for many years, translating novels from English and Italian into German. He has two homes, Italy and Germany, and lives alternately in both.

Klaus Meeners
Smart Scout

Klaus Meeners started his career in IT project management in 1995 at debitel AG in Stuttgart. In 1999 he moved to Daimler AG, where he still works as a consultant for digital transformation, an expert in Industry 4.0 and IoT. In addition, he successfully supports questions regarding the implementation of innovative topics in the group: AI, AR, big data, cloud systems and integration of IoT platforms. In addition, his expertise ranges from business development, modern and efficient forms of organization to the creation and establishment of innovative digital training and education methods. Klaus Meeners is responsible for technical, methodological and strategic concepts for the implementation of the digital strategy at Mercedes Benz Vans and is active as a freelance writer at the Daimler Genius Knowledge Academy. At TVLT, he will provide customers and projects with his deep knowledge in the context of transformation and industrial projects and didactic issues and will be active as an advisor.

Christian Hess
Clever Sorcerer's Apprentice

Christian Hess studied technology management at the University of Stuttgart and worked for several years in the research and validation of alternative drives at Daimler AG. After moving internally to production planning, he has been developing IoT, Big Data and AI solutions for assembly and end-of-line applications for more than four years. He conducted the public Data Science Competition on for Daimler and coordinates the production planning activities on the Startup Autobahn. He gives a lecture at the TH Aschaffenburg with the title "Efficient Production Methods with Industry 4.0, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence". Since 2020 Christian Heß has been working as a consultant and expert for product development in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for TVLT-Consulting.

Peter Froeschle
The Alchemist

Peter Froeschle graduated from the University of Stuttgart with a diploma in technical cybernetics and studied management at the Business School St. Gallen. He is a growth and change-oriented manager with research and development knowledge and experience in business development. He is currently Managing Director of ARENA2036, a research campus of Daimler, Bosch, Fraunhofer and the University of Stuttgart. In addition, Froeschle is Deputy Chairman of the Board of the "New Energy World Industrial" umbrella organisation and a member of the Board of the "Joint Undertaking" for fuel cells and hydrogen. From 1998 to 2000 Peter Froeschle integrated the activities for fuel cell and hybrid drive vehicles into the regular vehicle development processes at Daimler.

Toni Wagner
Wise Magician

After studying biology, Toni Wagner completed his doctorate in molecular biology in 2007. Afterwards he led a research group at the University of Würzburg in the field of stem cells and cell-cell communication. In 2010 he founded his first company, Viserion UG, for the development and distribution of software. In 2011 he founded K.lab Berlin GmbH together with the Klett publishing group. Toni Wagner thus successfully entered the international education sector. The company combines educational content with innovative live web experiences. After selling his K.Lab shares, he founded vAudience GmbH, which develops software solutions that enable broadcasters (TV/streaming) to transform passive video into interactive viewer experiences.